Our Team

A law firm is only as good as its team, which provides a great deal of support to the attorneys and their clients. Fortunately, at Bernard Stuczynski Barnett & Lager, our Erie Lawyers are lucky to have a fantastic team of skilled and dedicated employees who have each made successful careers here. Combined, our staff alone has over seventy-two years of experience working with our firm! Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide the thorough, skilled work are clients have grown to expect.

Carol Witherowcarol

Carol is our office manager and has been with the firm since the beginning in 1985. She spends her time with us crunching numbers, shuffling papers, and working with the staff. When she isn’t in her office, you can find her relaxing with her family or cycling on Presque Isle.

Anita Harrisanita

Anita has been a legal assistant with our firm since 1987. While responsible for a great many things, she’s an expert on civil pleadings and filings in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. Anita enjoys spending her free time with her her two gallant sons and her beautiful daughter.

Tina Ballustina

Tina has been a legal assistant with us since 2008 and is excellent at providing support in all three of our major practice areas, from drafting subpoenas in workers’ compensation cases to revising drafts of discovery responses. When we give her a day off, you can find her hunting in the woods of New York state, relaxing with her husband, or chasing around her mischievous son.

Shelby Yukevich

Shelby, a graduate of Mercyhurst University, is the newest member of our team. Starting in 2017 as a legal assistant, Shelby runs the reception desk, drafts legal pleadings for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, and manages medical records. Outside of the office, Shelby enjoys photography and knitting tiny sweater-vests for wayward squirrels.