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After a crash, you need to hire an Erie, PA motorcycle accident attorney immediately. While riding a motorcycle will give you the best memories of your life, motorcycle accidents are almost always devastating. Your helmet offers little protection against a driver that just isn’t paying attention or is on their phone. On a motorcycle, there are no “minor accidents” or “fender benders.” Because a biker’s injuries can be so severe, insurance companies handle these claims more aggressively from day one, trying to find ways to blame the injured biker.

Even though there are thousands of motorcycles on the road, drivers still just aren’t looking around for bikers like they should be. As a result, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of motorcycle accidents in the city every year, resulting in too many injured bikers. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help.

Medical Bills for Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, unlike car accidents, when injured on a motorcycle, many car insurance policies don’t cover your medical bills. To make matters worse, the at-fault party’s insurance company won’t pay your medical bills until you settle your claim in its entirety. If you haven’t received treatment though, it’s almost certainly premature to even be thinking settlement. If you don’t have health insurance, how are you supposed to get treatment? It’s important to hire an Erie, PA attorney that understands the dynamics between health and auto insurance such that your rights can be protected and your recovery can be maximized.

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Rebuilding Motorcycle After an AccidentMotorcycle Accident Pain and Suffering Compensation

In Pennsylvania, injured bikers aren’t bound by “limited tort” and can always recover for their pain and suffering. Don’t let the insurance company pay you less than your injury is worth. When you hire our Erie, PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, we’ll make sure you’re treated fairly and you get the settlement you deserve.

What to do after a Motorcycle Accident in Pennsylvania

If you do get into a motorcycle accident in Erie, PA, here are some important tips you should keep in mind:

Motorcycle Safety

If you ride a motorcycle, there are some important resources you should keep in mind to have fun and to be safe. Most important is the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP), which provides training, safety courses, and great advice for how to ride smart and stay safe. Even if you’ve been riding for years, PAMSP has a special course for expert techniques for advanced riders. These courses can lower your insurance rates and save your life.

Motorcycle Accident

Defective Motorcycle Helmets and Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

One of our attorneys was a rider himself and understands why many bikers might be tempted ride without a helmet. Even the most advanced riders should always wear a helmet; remember: it’s rarely your own skill you need to worry about—it’s the driver on his cellphone merging without seeing you. Traumatic brain injuries are no joke; while our Erie, PA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers have helped injured motorcyclists with traumatic brain injuries recover substantial compensation for their disabling injuries, you’d rather not injure your head at all than get compensated for it. No amount of money can reverse a traumatic brain injury.

When picking out a helmet, don’t just look for the DOT certification—make sure your helmet is Snell Certified. The Snell Memorial Foundation has a set of more rigorous standards to ensure that your helmet meets the most modern safety standards to protect your body’s most important piece.

Roar on the Shore, Erie PA

Up until recently, one of the biggest motorcycle events in the country took place in Erie, PA: Roar on the Shore. Roar on the Shore brought over 100,000 bikers to Erie, PA and raised and incredible amount of money for fantastic charities.

With the great fun and festivities came drunken drivers and an increased number of motorcycle accidents in Erie. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident at Roar on the Shore and have since traveled back across the country, our Erie, PA Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can still help you. We’d be happy to either travel and meet you in person or meet over video conference. Contact us today to set up a free consultation at 814-452-6232.