Erie, PA Slip and Fall Lawyers

Wet Floor Slip-and-Fall SignEvery day, our Erie, PA and Smethport, PA personal injury lawyers work with clients that have been badly injured in slip-and-fall and trip-and fall accidents, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. Some of these result from wet floors, broken stairs or handrails, spills on the floor, or even icy parking lots. What all of these falls have in common is the injuries can be catastrophic.

After you fall and get hurt, the insurance company will be quick to contact you in hopes of getting you to agree to a “recorded statement.” Don’t talk to the insurance adjuster without an attorney. Insurance companies will use your statement to deny liability for your fall. In Pennsylvania, property owners are required to maintain their property in a manner that provides a safe environment for visitors. This applies to commercial establishments as well as apartments and single family homes. Our firm is experienced in handling cases where our clients have sustained life-changing injuries from dangerous premises.

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Premises liability cases are not easy. After a fall, it’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer quickly, as evidence needs to be preserved and the appropriate insurance companies need to be put on notice. Our Erie, PA lawyers will work to preserve all security video footage and hire investigators if need be. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact our law firm for a free consultation.

When am I entitled to compensation for a slip and fall accident?

Any experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you that slip and fall case are some of the hardest types of personal injury cases. Liability is not automatic and juries often refuse to award injured victims anything. In order for a person or a business to be liable for your injuries, that business needs to be found “negligent.” Our injury lawyers work fast to speak with witnesses and preserve and obtain closed-circuit security camera footage in hopes of building a winning case.

Wet Floor Signs and Slip-and-Fall Cases

Wet floor Cones and Slip-and-Fall Accidents

While our attorneys have successfully won cases and negotiated settlements because stores have forgotten or neglected to place wet floor signs, simply putting up a wet floor sign doesn’t absolve a business of all liability in and of itself. There are a number of factors we look into when evaluating whether a wet floor sign was adequate to warn patrons, including the visibility of the sign itself. It is not uncommon for a negligent store owner to place a wet floor sign in such an obscure location that a person can only see it once they’ve already slipped and fell.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents on Ice and Snow

In Erie, PA, slip-and-fall cases arising out of ice and snow are unfortunately common—they’re also the hardest types of slip-and-fall cases to prevail on. Pennsylvania has adopted a doctrine known as “Hills and Ridges,” which can make it extremely difficult to prevail absent a number of very particular circumstances. Our law firm performs extremely thorough investigations to help fit your case into one of these exceptions. To learn more about your case, see our article on Slip and Falls in Ice and Snow.

Trip-and-Fall Lawyers

Our Erie, PA lawyers also represent people who trip and fall on uneven sidewalks, broken pavement, and dangerous stairs. In these cases, it’s important for us to review local and uniform building codes, hire engineers, and speak with witnesses who might have previously reported the dangerous condition to the owners of the premises. It’s best to hire us early enough such that we can evaluate the dangerous condition before the landowner fixes it, destroying the evidence.

How do I get started after I slip and fall in Erie, PA?

If you’ve sustained injuries in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, you should call us immediately at 814-452-6232 such that we can preserve evidence and protect your case from the insurance companies. We offer free consultations and represent clients on a contingent basis: we don’t charge a fee unless we obtain you a recovery.