Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

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Trucking Accident Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re driving a tractor trailer or were hit by a big rig, a truck accident is devastating. Truckers are constantly pressured to drive longer hours and make longer hauls, all while driving an enormous 18-wheeler with poor visibility; under these conditions, accidents aren’t only common and tragic, they’re inevitable. Because of their size, when you’re hit by a semi, the damage can be fatal or catastrophic. Steps need to be taken immediately to preserve important pieces of evidence and interview the necessary witnesses before evidence is lost.

In Pennsylvania, truckers are governed by a complex set of regulations that need to be explored when investigating an accident. Often times a proper investigation requires obtaining the “black box” and the maintenance log. If you were hit by an eighteen wheeler, don’t try to handle the claim on your own. Trucking claims require experience investigating a complex series of insurance coverages to ensure you have access to all the money to which you’re entitled.

If you are a truck driver and were injured in an accident, depending on the nature of your employment, you might also have a trucking accident workers’ compensation claim. You almost certainly have to deal with complex issues involving which insurance coverages are applicable and who pays your medical bills and missed time from work.  Care needs to be taken to ensure that health insurance companies don’t try to come after you for your settlement during the subrogation process. Our Erie, PA law firm, with another office in Smethport, PA, is extremely experienced with both trucking accidents and workers’ compensation claims; our truck accident lawyers can handle both cases simultaneously such that neither claim hurts the other. More importantly, we know how to leverage the two cases to maximize the values of both.

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