Remote Meetings with your Lawyer

Stuck at home but need an Erie, PA lawyer? No problem!

If you can’t leave your home because of injury, illness—or because a global pandemic forced the entire world into quarantine—the Erie, PA law firm of Bernard Stuczynski Barnett & Lager is here and ready to help! Our lawyers have spent the last several years investing in cutting-edge technology, equipment, and software that allows our entire law firm to work seamlessly from any location. You can hire our lawyers from home with only a phone call—no need to even set foot in our office! If you’d prefer to see us face-to-face without having to leave your house, we can also arrange a free video teleconference.

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The world has stopped, but your injury case hasn’t.

Just because COVID-19 has shut down most businesses and put the world on hold doesn’t mean your injury or disability has taken the day off: you still need medical treatment, legal advice, and an income! Thanks to our investment in technology and commitment to our clients, we were prepared. Our Erie, PA personal injury attorneys have delivered our clients uninterrupted legal representation and are excited to continue to offer new clients that same excellence. The insurance company adjusters are all working from home and we’re not about to let them get the edge on you!

How does it work?

Matthew J. Lager, Partner

Our law firm has outfitted our attorneys and staff with computers, specialized networking software, VOIP phones, digital scanning and faxing, and cameras that give each of us the ability to work remotely from the safety of our homes while still allowing our law firm to perform all of the services our clients expect, deserve, and need. You are able to call into our office at 814-452-6232, just as you always have, to speak with your attorney or with a member of our team.

Video Teleconferencing and Digital Signatures

Just because you can’t come to our office right now doesn’t mean you can’t meet with us face-to-face! Our law firm delivers video teleconferencing software that allows you to meet with our attorneys face-to-face from wherever you are. Best of all—you don’t need anything special to participate! The software we utilize for video-chats and for digital signatures can easily be installed on any computer, tablet, or even any smart phone. Best of all, because you can digitally sign all our legal documentation, we can get to work on your case instantly and safely.

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Adam E. Barnett, Partner

If you’re stuck at home and need a lawyer for your Personal Injury case, Car Accident case, Workers’ Compensation case, or Social Security Disability case, call our Erie, PA law firm at 814-452-6232 for a FREE consultation via video teleconference! If you’d rather the conference be by phone, we can do that too We’re here to help.

Keep it local. Keep it Erie. Keep it safe.

Just because we’re operating remotely doesn’t mean we aren’t local: all of our attorneys and staff are from Erie. You won’t be teleconferencing with some lawyer or paralegal from halfway across the country. That means, when this is all over, our office (only one block west of the Erie County Courthouse) will be back open for business, where you will be able to come down in person to shake our hands. When it’s time to go to court, we’ll be right there by your side! In the meantime, we’re all teleconferencing from our homes to keep ourselves, our staff, and YOU safe!