Why did I receive a letter from Equian?

I received a letter from Equian, Rawlings, Optum, First Recovery Group, etc. What do I do?

Medical Bills and Letter from Equian

After receiving medical treatment for an injury, it’s normal to receive a letter from a third-party subrogation company, such as Equian (or The Rawlings Company, Optum, First Recovery Group, etc.), on behalf of your health insurance company. Equian (or one of these other companies) is contacting you to find out how you got hurt. If you were hurt in such a manner as to create a personal injury claim or a potential lawsuit (for example, a car accident, a work injury, a slip-and-fall accident, etc.), Equian wants to know, because your health insurance company might have a right to be reimbursed out of your settlement. If you received a letter from Equian after a Pennsylvania car accident or personal injury, you should call our law firm immediately at 1-800-999-0750.

Should I respond to Equian’s letter or call them back?

Whether you have a duty to respond to Equian after receiving such a letter is going to be spelled out in your insurance policy with your health insurance company—a document you probably never read. If you weren’t hurt in any sort of accident, you’re probably safe to call and let them know, at which point they should stop sending you letters.

If you were hurt in an accident that might be someone else’s fault, you should immediately give Equian’s letter to your attorney. If you have a lawyer, you should not be contacting Equian directly. Additionally, you want your personal injury attorney to be aware of Equian’s letter, because failure to properly consider your health insurance’s lien against your settlement can have devastating consequences to both your case and your finances.

If you were hurt in an accident but don’t have an attorney, you should hire a personal injury attorney to contact Equian on your behalf. Our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers work on contingency and only get paid if we get you a financial recovery. We represent injured victims throughout Western Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh, to Erie, and all the way to Bradford and Smethport.

What if I don’t want to sue the person who hurt me?

Equian can’t make you sue somebody if you don’t want to sue them. That said, it is still a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney before talking to Equian. You need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding this accident, your treatment, and your medical bills. Our law firm offers a free consultation to injured Pennsylvanians that can be either over the phone or in person—you decide! Give us a call today at 814-452-6232.

31 thoughts on “Why did I receive a letter from Equian?

  1. Is there a class action suit against them for violations ? They are giving people letters that just go to the doctor. Medical confidentiality is a serious concern and it feels like they are predators.

    1. I am wondering the same. I was never involved in anything besides a doctor’s visit. Why and HOW are they getting involved? I am not responding due to my privacy.

      1. Yes me as well! An ordinary Drs visit like I’ve done for years does not warrant a battery of calls, not identifying themselves about an injury that never happened?

  2. I too am concerned. Had a covid test which was negative. This is second letter even though I called them two weeks ago.

  3. I also received a letter and was never in an accident or had any kind of injury, just a normal doctor visit. It seems kind of scary that this company has so many peoples names that were never involved in an accident or sustained a work injury.

    1. They have your information because it was sent to them by your insurance company. Your insurance company has hired them to investigate the claim. It was likely given a trauma code by your dr. so it gets flagged for review. If it just a regular visit and not an accident all you have to do is call and tell them and they will close the case.

  4. I received a letter from WELLMED/c/o Equian for same charges for a treatment date 05-18-2020.
    I didn’t have any treatment for any accident or treatment for an accident on tyhis date or other date from OUCH. Is this a SCAM ?

  5. I cut my little finger and went to emergency room to have it put back together. I was working in my back yard. I picked up a large rock and I tried to move it. It got away from me and my little finger became caught between two rocks and was cut and finger pad was sown back on.

  6. Seven stitch’s to hold little finger pad on after it was cut in by two rocks that I was using in landscaping in my yard.

  7. I am more than concerned about receiving a letter in regards to something I mentioned at a drs visit. This is a serious violation of HIPPA laws

    1. There is no violation of HIPPA as you had to give your insurer permission to disclose information for the purpose of processing claims for you.

      1. Wrong? You can and should write do not agree to disclosure to 3rd party inquires EVER! Do not disseminate. I’ve done it for years — and yes it restricts your doctors and carriers from disclosing. It’s a long time personal protection against just such fishing expeditions.

  8. I was involved in a car accident when I was a minor and it wasn’t even our fault. My finger got fractured, and that’s really it. I wasn’t even shown my x-rays and had to be told by a different doctor how bad the fracture actually was. I was the only one who was involved in the accident to get this letter so far, and I’m not even on that insurance anymore. I really don’t want to reply, just for privacy reasons, but we’re going to open up the letter to get a better understanding.

  9. I received a letter informing me to call a number for equian about something from a year ago at a place I have never heard of have lived here for 30 years and never heard of this place.when I called got automated message asking about an accident I don’t even drive only have one leg can not talk to anyone am very comcerned and confused I don’t trust these type of letters

  10. I got the letter because I had a diagnostic test that although related to a medical condition is commonly given to accident victims. It’s legal and legit trolling for money the insurance company can skim off any settlement or, if large enough, allow the insurer to seek reimbursement from the at fault party.

    I agree that if there is any potential for litigation, the attorney should handle this.

    1. I don’t understand why I’m getting this letter I have not had any treatments on 11/12/21 haven’t been in no car, work are any other accident, so why respond to this letter? This sound like some kind of scam to me.

  11. Jan 3, 2022 8:43 A.M.

    Rec’d a letter from Equian regarding a accident or injury. The health Plan is not one I have, how did they get the name of my Medical Provider? I am not going to contact Equian.

  12. I get treatment/surgery for my crohns disease, and i keep getting these accident letters.. How tf is my crohns related to accidents? Smells like scam to me.. This is the second letter. Isn’t this like discrimination? I feel like this company is making fun of my illness..

  13. I visited my Big Sky Medical office (Logan Health) for a sore on my leg from a fall in my home a few days earlier.

  14. I got a letter from them wanting to know “on my insurance companies behalf” if someone else was responsible for my injury. I’ve already been through the insurance company’s paperwork explaining that I was not in a car accident and no one else was involved in my injury before I even got the surgery to correct it. Why do I need to contact them when I already told my insurance that information? It feels like a huge scam.

  15. I was riding on a bicycle trail in SW Virginia and fell getting off the bike, banging my knee very hard. Embarrassing for sure. I had hip surgery over 10 years ago and the fall on my knee was in a way that it aggravated my hip and fearing there could be an issue with my hip implant, I went to the ER to get everything checked. Everything checked out fine. The letter I received indicates they are looking to see if another insurance should pay for my treatment. Like who?

  16. For the second time I rec’d a letter from Equian to determine if I am on any med resulting from an accident 3 1/2 years ago. I rec’d no med at the time for accident related injuries, and none since. They learned all this the last time they inquired. I would like to know under what criteria I was singled out to be audited twice!
    Also, I signed on with Blue Cross. Not Equian and not Corvel Risk Mgt. corp. I regard this as a violation of HIPPAA. I did not give authorization for Blue Cross to share my private info with 3rd party entities

  17. One year ago I fell on two tiny steps. I was treated in Urgent Care and Sports medicine. Medicare paid for am MRI. Now a year later, Equian is asking accident questions trolling for money. Reading stories online makes me concerned about being scammed when I pay for supplemental insurance, and use only necessary medical care, Do not pick the pockets of Medicare people,Equian

  18. I received a letter from Equian telling me they “need to know if someone else should pay for some of my medical cost”. They are “asking if I was involved in an accident or injury.”

    The date is nearly 2 years ago. What gives? Is this a scam. I was never involved in an accident. Noone else was involved in my fall at home at 75 years old.
    What should I do? Please help me. I feel confused and violated.
    Should I reply? Am I obliged to?
    Thank you kindly.

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