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Insurance Bad Faith lawPennsylvania Insurance Bad Faith Claims

You pay your premiums, you should expect to be treated with respect and receive the insurance benefits you deserve. Unfortunately, too many insurance companies practice in bad faith, even against their own policyholders. Let us help you recover the money you need, plus punitive damages and legal fees.

Our firm is known throughout Pennsylvania for our success in insurance bad faith litigation. If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith, contact our firm immediately. We’ll happily sit down with you for a free consultation to see if you have a case.

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Denied Insurance Claims Lawyers

Denied Automobile Insurance claim

Many people don’t realize that their auto insurance policy may extend property damage and personal injury coverage for accident claims not necessarily involving a car accident. Our firm is your insurance claim litigation law firm to turn to for policy coverage issues in West, Central and Northwest Pennsylvania. We look for every avenue for coverage to help you obtain the money you are legally entitled to under your insurance contract.

Denied Auto Insurance Benefits? We Are Claims Litigation Professionals.

Insurance companies do not remain profitable by settling claims without careful consideration. Many adjusters are paid by their company to deny legitimate claims for property damage or personal injury amounts. If you live in West, Central, or Northwestern Pennsylvania and have been denied a settlement by your auto insurance company, talk to a member of our insurance litigation team. We have earned a reputation for aggressive, knowledgeable insurance coverage litigation. We understand Pennsylvania insurance contracts and the laws that insurance companies must operate under. There are often provisions in insurance policies that make it possible to collect, even when the insurance company denies its obligation.

Denied Homeowner’s insurance claims

As a homeowner, you may not be fully aware of everything your homeowners insurance covers you for. Many people assume that the policy will only cover property damage or injury that occurs on your property. It is more appropriate to think of your insurance as covering the homeowner, not just the home. There are often provisions in homeowners insurance policies that provide coverage for accidents and damages that take place off your property.

Depending upon the size of your deductible and the type of insurance you carry, it is not always the best option to pursue a claim against your homeowners policy. If you can afford to cover the cost of your uncovered property damage, we advise you to cover the cost without the assistance of an attorney. However, if the damages are significant and the claim has been denied or exceeds your ability to pay, homeowners insurance can be the best way to prevent catastrophic financial damage.

Initial Homeowners Insurance Claims and Denied Claims Appeals

If you have a homeowners insurance coverage question or have been denied a claim, call our firm at 814-452-6232. We are one of Northwestern Pennsylvania’s preeminent insurance claim litigation law firms. We protect people from insurance bad faith practices by homeowners insurance companies. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your homeowner’s insurance policy and help you understand your options. We offer a full range of claims and litigation services to help you recover the money you are counting on.